Unleashing true potential

Creating customer experiences that take the world by storm.


Every person and every company has an inner greatness that is just waiting to be unleashed – like a rising storm. But just like a storm, requires the right conditions coming together to unleash that power. At Merkle, we strive to create those conditions, for our clients, and for our people.

It's in us

We are proud to work for some of the world’s most well-known, distinguished brands, helping them to reimagine their customer experiences, better use their data, smoothen their operations and secure their strategic future. How we do that? By creating the perfect storm, bringing together all the conditions that are needed to unleash the full potential: from people to technologies to creative excellence.

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Our Service Offerings

Merkle Service Offering: Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Creating the perfect conditions for strategic change. Together, we develop the strategies today that will give your business the necessary tailwind for a bright future. With a maximum focus on feasibility and the scalability. Because only if strategies stand up to reality, can they truly unleash potential.

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Merkle Service Offering: Platform Solutions

Platform Solutions

Crafting meaningful cross-platform experiences that truly take flight. Whether it's CDP, CRM, CMS or any other tool that helps your business both create the perfect customer experience and improve your internal operations, we build the ecosystems and infrastructures that enable and accelerate transformation. From implementing and scaling the largest platforms on the market to customized solutions - we set the course for growth.

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Merkle Service Offering: Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

Unleashing a whirlwind of creative thinking. No matter how good the backend is. No matter how precisely the processes are defined. No matter how clean the code is: Without a well-thought-out frontend , without clear and inspiring design, without clever campaigns, there is no convincing user experience. We believe the future of customer experience management is personal: informed by data, powered by technology and delivered through creativity.

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Merkle Service Offering: Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Data is truth. Time to unleash it to its full force! Let’s face it: your data is your biggest asset. From analytics to prediction, your data is defining the future of your business. Starting from the perspective of what value means to your business and what can be done to improve it, our data experts plan, build and operate appropriate solutions to deliver relevant, actionable insights where it matters.

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Merkle Service Offering: DevOps & IT Operations

DevOps & IT Operations

Smooth operators always create a stir! The development, operation and continual further improvement of digital applications is a great strain on resources and the foundation of your success at the same time. I might sound a little nerdy, but we have a passion for seamless IT operations. Complex DevOps, comprehensive Application Management, demanding Service-Level-Agreements – that’s what our dreams are made of.

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Our Success Stories

Powerful ideas for a brighter future

Our elements for success

It's In Us

Like most things, our success is underpinned by the dedication, creativity, and drive of each one of our people. All with their own ambitions, and dreams they wish to take flight. Our people are experts in their field, with our nature of cross-team collaboration, we build solutions that are relevant and impactful.

We are proud to be different. And we know that starts with you.

What makes our team approach is our ability to bring in different perspectives, which is sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion are a key facet in helping us stay ahead. 


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