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Merkle Martech Training Academy

An Immersive Salesforce Learning Experience

Dentsu is the No. 1 Global Salesforce Agency - and as the largest Salesforce arm of dentsu, Merkle is excited to bring you an immersive learning experience in a community of your peers. The Merkle Martech Training Academy is a ten-module series that will help marketers connect the dots between Salesforce technologies and the decisions, processes, and responsibilities you take on every day.


Throughout this series of workshops, you will learn how to optimize your tech stack to enable more use cases and extract a greater ROI from strategists and practitioners who live and breathe martech transformation.

By the end of the Merkle Martech Training Academy, you will:

  • Develop a plan to optimize your brand’s tech stack
  • Know how to drive more business outcomes using your existing tech investment
  • Understand the role of identity in the face of third-party cookie demise
  • Scale personalization campaigns with this identity understanding
  • Have had weekly opportunities to ask about specific applications for your industry and brand in Q&As and office hours

The Training Academy Curriculum

Check out the curriculum and agenda below, and then reserve your spot to learn from leading Salesforce experts in real time. You will cover one module each week in a two-hour virtual class with options for Q&A time and office hours.

Weekly modules will start in April and continue through beginning of July.  Reach out to your Merkle Account Executive to enroll or know more.


Module 1 – The Art of CRM

Module 2 – CRM Technologies & Strategies

Module 3 – Performance Marketing

Module 4 – Designing Effective Communication

Module 5 – Automation

Module 6 – Identity Management

Module 7 – Audience & Demand Space

Module 8 – Data & KPIs

Module 9 – Omni-Channel Marketing

Module 10 – What's Next? (Innovation)

Opt-In Module

Module 1x – What is Sales Cloud?

Module 2x – What is Commerce?

Module 3x – Sustainability in Marketing

Weekly Module Agenda:

  • One-hour expert-led session
  • One-hour workshop
  • One-hour Q&A / assignment
  • Optional 1:1 office hours with session leads


Take this quick digital maturity assessment questionnaire to learn where your company stands in the digital transformation journey.

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