Credit Suisse Bonviva – Infotainment platform “MyBonviva”.

Customer loyalty with an interactive online platform.

At a glance.

  1. 01The challenge.Bonviva is an attractive banking package from Credit Suisse.
  2. 02Our approach.Concept of the new platform is based on the idea of offering Bonviva’s existing clients benefits.
  3. 03The result.The new platform is impressive.
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  • Sector

    • Finance
  • Disciplines

    • User Experience & Design
    • Content: Creation / Migration
    • Technical implementation
    • Operations
  • Year

    • 2015
  • Tech Stack

    • PHP
    • WordPress
  • Services

    • Digital Marketing
    • Experience Platforms

The challenge.

Bonviva is an attractive banking package from Credit Suisse that offers the target group many advantages, for example special interest rates, multiple cards and accounts, and free cash withdrawals. There is a print magazine for all Bonviva customers every quarter. As part of the digital transformation, Credit Suisse decides to publish the magazine also as an online portal.

The aim is to extend the topics of the print version in the online version and thereby create more depth and connection options. Interactive elements are to provide infotainment and edutainment. Credit Suisse commissions Merkle with the conception, content creation, design and implementation of the new MyBonviva infotainment platform.

Our approach.

The concept of the new platform is based on the idea of offering Bonviva’s existing clients benefits with attractive and varied content. The site contains lifestyle themes, partner portraits, interviews and under “Using Bonviva” many exciting features such as account relocation service or “Travelling with Bonviva”. It also serves as the homepage for online banking and the Bonviva bonus world. The content was created in close cooperation with the Credit Suisse Bonviva team.

The website is technically implemented on WordPress. A tracking concept, specially adapted for the platform, guarantees valuable information regarding site usage. With this knowledge and the constantly growing new content, it’s possible to optimize MyBonviva continuously. We supported the launch of the new site with a communication campaign: A comprehensive banner concept, internal and external posters, the display of ATMs and many other communication measures take care the necessary attention.



The new platform is impressive.

Bonviva online world is an experience.

Features like surveys, competitions and image galleries invite interaction and turns the Bonviva online world in an experience for users and an exemplary product page for good content marketing.
Credit Suisse Bonviva - Mobile Ansicht Reisen mit Bonviva

New page is optimally displayed on all devices.

Credit Suisse clients can help shape the platform themselves and, for example, request interview topics for the new created “Credit Suisse Insights” section. Because of the responsive design the new page is optimally displayed on all devices.
Credit Suisse Bonviva - Anischt Website: "Neustes Interview"

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