Merkle is creating a data dashboard for the NGO to track KPIs and business processes.

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At a glance

  1. 01The challengeEstablishing a consolidated dashboard that displays all relevant KPIs.
  2. 02Our approachPower BI as the solution of choice and continuous improvement based on client feedback
  3. 03The resultImproved efficiency due to the visibility on KPIs and Key Business Operations.
  • Sector

    • NGO / Others
  • Disciplines

    • Strategy & Consulting
    • Maintenance / Operational support
  • Year

    • 2022
  • Tech Stack

    • Microsoft
  • Services

    • Data Sciences
    • Operations
    • Digital Strategy

The challenge

Building a comprehensive dashboard with relevant KPI's

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) operates worldwide to help people affected by conflict and armed violence. In addition, the NGO campaigns for laws to protect victims of war.

The Applications Service Center (ASC) is responsible for carrying out IT maintenance work and was set up by Merkle together with the ICRC. Due to the large number of employees, many processes have to be newly established and KPIs have to be recorded separately.

Therefore, the analysis of business processes is important. The goal is to create transparency regarding the results of the ASC.

Our approach


We identify a set of KPIs that are relevant for the ASC.

Data Dashboard

In the next step, we develop a dashboard with which employees can easily and quickly access the information they need.

Optimization through co-creation

Based on customer feedback and new requirements, we continuously optimize the technological solution.

The result: optimal data visualization thanks to the Dashboard

One dashboard for all areas

The dashboard offers a comprehensive set of data in a clear format. Users can easily navigate to the desired business areas and view their performance from different perspectives.

The dynamic visualization in the dashboard is based on a variety of filters. These cover all possible scenarios. This makes it easy to perform a what-if analysis as well as a critical evaluation. 

Thanks to the dashboard, all ICRC managers can quickly access important information. This makes it easy to make data-based decisions.

In addition, Merkle is responsible for the further development of the tool. We are constantly working on further optimizing the features - in order to continue to offer the greatest possible added value in the future.

IPad showing executive summary of the new dahsboard for KPI Tracking for ICRC
Laptop showing dashboard for KPI Tracking by Merkle for ICRC
Philippe Monney, Head of Applications at the ICRC
"With the implementation of Power BI, Merkle has made our business processes transparent in real time and in a vivid way. This has allowed us to redefine our strategies and make better decisions. This proves the success of our partnership.”
Philippe Monney, Head of Applications at the ICRC

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