Mobile logistic apps for Swiss Post employees

Our Android experts are developing intuitive apps for postal employees.

Screenshot showing new scanning app for the Swiss post

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeDigital redesign of the acceptance and delivery processes
  2. 02Our approachAgile working methods and technological expertise
  3. 03The resultSuccessful apps for 20,000 employees
  • Sector

    • Services
  • Disciplines

    • Conception
    • Technical implementation
    • Maintenance / operational support
    • Project management (agile workflow)
  • Year

    • Since 2014
  • Tech Stack

    • Android
    • REST-APIs
    • KAFKA
  • Services

    • Digital Workplace
    • Mobile Apps

The challenge

Digital redesign of the acceptance and delivery processes

Swiss Post brings letters, parcels and other deliveries to the doorstep of the respective recipients. Behind this is a complex logistics process. This is supported by more than 20.000 postmen and women and parcel delivery staff, among others.

Their challenge also lies in the growing trend towards parcels. In 2021 alone, the Swiss sent 202 million parcels. Sometimes, however, the recipients have moved or there are other delivery problems.

To simplify the work and better track deliveries, the company needs suitable digital solutions.

Our approach

Established collaboration

More than eight years of cooperation on various topics have brought Swiss Post and Merkle close together. The mutual trust promotes the progress of the project.

Agile working methods

We rely on Scrum as an agile working method. In dailies, sprint reviews and retrospectives, we ensure that we develop a flexible solution quickly and efficiently.

Android development

To deliver high-performance apps that meet the requirements of Swiss Post, we rely on Android.

Mobile apps for more than 20,000 employees

The right app for every phase

The Android apps provide the 20,000 Swiss Post employees with a customized solution. The right app is available for every step in the logistics process:

  • TOVO is designed to prepare the perfect delivery tour. For this purpose, all items are tracked and sorted.
  • ZUST is helpful during the delivery. It allows the user to record the delivery location - for example, a post office box or the recipient's home.
  • BACK allows users to scan items in bulk mode and save them with helpful additional status info.
  • MWGL is a special app for a Swiss Post service provider for picking dispoboxes.

Swiss Post itself also benefits from the apps. They provide the service provider with a comprehensive overview of its own processes. The digital solution tracks deliveries and delivery problems very precisely

New app for Swiss Post in use in Postbus
  • Parcels delivered by Swiss Post in 2021

  • App users per day

Jerome Baudin, Product Owner at Swiss Post
"After more than five years of working with Merkle, I can say that it doesn't feel like a typical customer-supplier relationship. In fact, Merkle has become a true sparring partner who helps me work together to make our products a success."
Jerome Baudin, Product Owner, Schweizer Post

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