Swisscom Galactica – Intranet relaunch

Intranet as digital companion through the daily business

At a glance

  1. 01The challengeThe intranet shall become a digital supporter for daily business
  2. 02Our approachOverall concept including a newsroom and editorial concept
  3. 03The resultAn attractive news portal with possibilities of story-telling
  • Sector

    • Telecommunication / IT
  • Disciplines

    • Conception
    • User Experience & Design
    • Technical implementation
  • Year

    • 2016
  • Tech Stack

    • Sharepoint
  • Services

    • Digital Workplace
    • Fullservice

The challenge

Swisscom is one of Switzerland’s leading telecommunication companies and employs 16000 people. The intranet is a central tool for the employees during their daily business and of essential importance for internal communications.

Up to now Swisscom has not yet reached the point in developing a digital workplace they would have liked to reach: in the future, the intranet shall become a digital supporter for daily business which is available anytime and anywhere.

In close cooperation with expert teams of Swisscom Merkle developed a new vision, strategy and an overall concept für the user experience and the frontend.

Our approach

  • Overall concept including a newsroom and editorial concept

  • Responsive design for an overall user experience

  • Inclusion of several stakeholders during the conception phase

  • Implementation of our solution to SharePoint 2013 by Swisscom

An attractive news portal with possibilities of story-telling.

Smart and interactive.

Content created by the user is mixed with company news and a consolidated news portal is created. There is an intuitively usable activity bar as a notification system across several systems (SAP, Intranet, Outlook calendar). The new social feed also promotes dialogue and exchange among employees. With the new intranet, we are moving away from the typical sharepoint look to a comprehensive user experience and a uniform experience of the Swisscom brand.
Swisscom - Website Ansicht: Übersicht der Rubrik "Work"
Swisscom - Tablet Ansicht: Übersicht der Rubrik "News"

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