Jurassic Island

Discover how Team JP created their game

Team JP presents: Jurassic Island game

Hosting a real dinosaur is very expensive and not affordable for everyone to visit a real island even if a dinosaur will be grown one day. The main idea is to create an affordable journey to Jurassic Island for everyone.

Here you can include the details of your solution. 2 or 3 paragraphs is enough! Use the following guiding questions if you’re feeling stuck: What is your solution and which gap does it fill? Why did you choose this scenario? How did you come up with the solution? How did you work as a team? What expertise did you use? How could you implement this at a client project? Why did you win over others? What edge does your solution have over others? What are you most proud of after having completed this challenge?

The game will run on any platform and have a user-friendly interface. Next version of the game is going to be a VR multiplayer game with secrets, quests, and even some events.

We are inspired to create an accessible world for everyone and to provide people the opportunity to become part of the amazing journey to Jurassic Island. Once a player enters the game, the player's email going to the Marketing Cloud and runs a Welcome journey. Welcome journey sends an email to the client's email address to verify email and fill in the form to unlock more dinosaurs. Well, we are using Marketing Cloud as a database for the game.

There is no game without proper support. Our integration with Service Cloud provides us an opportunity to react to game bugs in time.

Our game is not only fun. Collecting found dinosaurs allows player receive more information about a dinosaur, vouchers, toy dinosaur, assets like glasses for TREX, and even a ticket to the real Jurassic Island (in the future). Follow QR code and become a part of the journey!

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