Visit Jurassic World with a game

Find out how Team Hatch-a-Ton won third prize

Personalize your visit to Jurassic World

Thanks to Marketing Cloud and Interaction Studio, customers can start enjoying a personalized End-To-End experience from the moment they access the website until they leave the park.

From the moment the customer decides to go to the park and visits the website for the first time, they can scan a QR code and will receive a virtual dinosaur egg that will hatch through games and quizzes. With the information collected during their interactions, Interaction Studio will generate a personalized profile for the customer.

Once the customer arrives at the park, the egg hatches and turns into a Dino Pet that will suggest the best next action based on the customer's preferences, saturation levels and proximity of the park's attractions. During the visit to the park, the customer can continue scanning QR codes to enjoy mini-games and customize their experience to the maximum during the attraction.

The more the customer interacts with his Dino, the more virtual points they receive. These points can be exchanged in the park for other services or products not included with the ticket (restaurants discounts, products, VIP passes...) to enhance their experience. If all the points are not consumed during the visit – no problem - they can be used for future ticket purchases since after the visit we will continue interacting with the customer to offer new experiences according to their profile.