Hackathon 2021 week

An ingenious journey

The Hackathon Journey

Our expert teams had exactly twelve hours on Wednesday 23 June – the day of the Hackathon– to develop their creative solutions and answers to the tricky Jurassic Park challenges. However, the Hackathon journey started way earlier and kicked off with a rea

Hackathon Journey

Monday 21 June: Infinite Mindset Session with the Simon Sinek Team

Start with a bang: “The Infinite Game” by Simon Sinek is a classic business read and has inspired countless thought leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. In a thought-provoking interactive workshop by Simon’s team, the Hackathon participants learned what it means to play the infinite game during work, spare time, and generally in life, following a purpose-driven mindset.

Tuesday 22 June: Interactive Sessions – Creating Great Ideas with Customer Impact & Practicing Pitch Perfect

Grab your goodie bag and get ready: In two interactive sessions conducted by our Hackathon coaches Radu Costache, Mara Musat, and Lara Mogge, the teams further developed their skills in pitching, customer centricity and business ideation – all while rocking their new Hackathon t-shirt.

Wednesday 23 June: Hackathon Day

Let’s do this! After the welcome meeting and announcement of the challenges, the Hackathon teams got to work. Focused brainstorming, ideation, and product development sessions were only interrupted by coffees, energy drinks, and pizza. Check-ins with the coaches and constant challenging were offered throughout the entire day to consolidate and validate ideas and get some fresh input and insight. Interested colleagues could follow the progress on various social media channels.

Thursday 24 June: Awards Ceremony

After the inspiring words from our guests Craig Dempster, CEO Merkle Global, Patrik Gamryd, CEO CXM DACH & dentsu Switzerland, Daniela Stofer, Managing Director Merkle Germany, and Luis Nunes, Chief Services Officer Merkle DACH, it was time for the teams to pitch their Hackathon solutions and face challenging questions from the audience. The jury had the final say – and awarded the innovative solution of a data- and analytics-based mobile app <Link to: Blog post> with the main prize!

Friday 25 June and beyond: Merkle Innovation Concept

The first Merkle DACH Hackathon 2021 may be over, but we are just getting started! Behind the scenes, our Hackathon coaches are building our Merkle Innovation Concept to support you on your entrepreneurial journey and amplify your brand’s innovational powers. Stay tuned and follow us on our social channels for more news and insights.