Digitisation on the board of directors - how does it work?

Namics expert Roland Schönholzer talks about this question at the Swiss Institute of Directors

At an event organised by the Swiss Institute of Directors, Roland Schönholzer answers the following question: "Promotion of disruptive digital thinking and acting of all board and management members".

Namics Experte Roland Schönholzer beim Vortrag
Source: Namics

Roli opens with "his problem" namely the fact that his board of directors is 100% digital and he has to fight for it with all the rest. Governance, for example.

A brief introduction to Namics ('I don't want to sell you electric blankets') and, ouch, with 23 years of existence, he says that in our domain we are an ancient enterprise. And one without national borders, because after all, there are no national borders on the Internet.

Then a turn to our mission statement and there again to our values:

  • Personal responsibility and helpfulness
  • Diversity and respect
  • Openness and transparency
  • Curiosity and courage
  • Appreciation and fault tolerance

In the presentation, he explains this with the help of concrete examples such as the public nature of our GL meetings on the intranet (for all employees) and the active communication of the minutes in the context of broad-based video conferences. The same then applies to the work of the Board of Directors, where the circle is limited to all 29 partners.

We continue with what Roli considers to be the very important aspect of diversity and its active promotion by a group of employees, which in turn was elected by employees. "Diversity is the only way to create excellent solutions and innovation". Also at the level of the Board of Directors.

And then my favorite topic: Curiosity. A short digression on language interfaces using Amazon Alexa or Google Home a book tip (Blockchain Revolution by Tapscott) and the invitation to play either with AIY by Google or with Lego Boost. You can also order these things in the name of a grandchild.

And as usual, a summary of the tips. Here, as well as the slides for download:

- People . It's all about people - Diversity matters - Speed . Start making decisions, stop making plans . Waiting is not an option, the internet won't disappear - Courage . Build prototypes and fail early, and try again... . Stay curious