Namics im Laufgetümmel – Namics Frankfurt beim JP-Lauf 2019

Namics Frankfurt participated in the JPMCC 2019 with almost 30 runners and had a lot of fun

There are things you can rely on like the Nile flood. One of them is the annual JPMCC run in Frankfurt. Namics Frankfurt starting with almost 30 people. And that Kati Witt is giving the starting signal.

Mitarbeiter von Namics vor dem Start beim JPMCC Lauf in frankfurt 2019
Source: Namics

This reliability means that we are now very good at some things. Like for example pack walking (to the starting lineup) and pack standing (in the starting lineup). Nobody can fool us that easily.

Mitarbeiter von Namics während des JPMCC Lauf

Just as unsurpassed: our composure after the starting signal. While other runners try year after year to achieve some kind of best time in the crowd of people and do so with the uncompromising and sensitive approach of a lignite excavator (greetings again to the expert who almost took my pants off), we were able to convince once again with a superior portion of composure.

Besides there are much higher goals than times. Like for example to have a good time with as many children as possible at the roadside. Is there anything more beautiful than the glow in the eyes of young people who have just finished off with a real sports star (m/f/d)? Hardly. And we've gone to a lot of trouble to look like real athletes. The undisputed leader in this discipline this time was Jens "Die Klatschpappe" Lauer, who was able to set up a new fable brand with 18 happy children (and a mother). For comparison: the author of these lines came up with only five children and one guy in a lion costume. But: every child counts, in a few years the Namics logo, burnt into the subconscious and associated with pure joy, will work real wonders in recruiting.

Namics mit viel Spaß beim JBMCC Lauf in Frankfurt

Speaking of miracles. The Namics fan block just before the end is, as always, the great driving force of everyone who goes out on the track. And we were not disappointed. LOVED! This cheering, this fire, these pompoms, this beer that you suddenly have in your hand. Can you expect more from a fan block? I don't think so. Many thanks to everyone who helped so wonderfully again! #schliebeeuch

The big, overriding goal and the real reason for everything, was then of course tackled again after the finish line. The visit of a sports bar, which reliably supplies us with calories in solid and liquid form. Because that is where the foundation for all future successes is laid. In this sense: see you next year for the next JPMCC run in Frankfurt, just in time for the Nile flood!

Namics nach dem JPMCC Lauf 2019 in Frankfurt