Giving joy. Donate time. - A look back

Here you can read all about our Christmas campaign of 2018 and what it looked like exactly

Being courageous, trying out new things - that is in our digital DNA. This is why we have decided not to send classic Christmas greetings or gifts to our customers and partners for Christmas 2018. Our goal is to become more sustainable and do something that is worth more. We wanted our gift to bring joy, so we decided to go for the "Give joy. Donate time" and gave our business partners time for their "good cause".

Weihnachtsaktion 2019 von Namics
Source: Namics

We have asked to submit proposals for charitable projects or social organisations to which we should donate our time. We have carefully examined all ideas received. It was important to us that we actively help and support various groups. We decided on six projects - one at each of our locations.

In Munich we held a Social Day and supported the clothing store of the Inner Mission. In the clothing stores of diakonia, refugees and needy people in Munich are provided with clothing and hygiene articles. Our tasks were very diverse.

We divided into two teams. Team one sorted clothes according to gender and size, but also checked if the clothes were in good condition. There was no lack of work: in the Munich area there are over 20 containers of diakonia, which are regularly emptied in the clothing store. The second team supported the distribution of clothes and helped the people to choose suitable items of clothing. Many visitors do not speak German or English and cannot manage on their own. But with hands, feet and a lot of joy we were able to find a suitable garment for everyone. On site we met many nice people who support diakonia on a voluntary basis on a regular basis. We had a lot of fun and once again we were reminded that we should appreciate our prosperity every day.

Mitarbeiter vom Namics Office in München beim Kleidung sortieren
Numerous helpers sorting clothes in Munich (Source: Namics)

Registration campaign for blood stem cell donation in Frankfurt and St.Gallen

For one afternoon we converted our offices in Frankfurt and St.Gallen into a small laboratory. There was a large use of cotton swabs. The reason: registration campaign for blood stem cell donation.

We Namicsler are very interested in this topic and the action has caused a very positive response. Many of us had wanted to register long ago, but due to the stress of everyday life we never found a suitable date. So they could take advantage of the opportunity and register as donors directly in the office.

The registration consists of simple steps. It does not hurt, takes five minutes and can save lives. That motivates!  

Namics Mitarbeiter in Frankfurt bei der Weihnachtsaktion
Large use of cotton buds at the registration campaign in Frankfurt. (Source: Namics)
Namics Mitarbeiter in St. Gallen bei der Weihnachtsaktion
Doesn't hurt and is even fun: Our colleagues in St.Gallen register. (Source: Namics)

Lotto afternoon in Zurich

In Zurich we organised a support campaign for the Schmiedhof retirement home. Together with the old people's home, we examined where our involvement could be helpful. Above all, it was important to us that the senior citizens feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

We decided to spend a lottery afternoon together in the home. Since many elderly people can no longer hear and see so well, they were looking forward to the support. And we were happy to help. We played the lottery together, exchanged ideas and enjoyed the nice atmosphere. It was a successful afternoon with lots of joy and a wonderful atmosphere. It was also a nice experience for us and a change from everyday life.

Namics Zürich besucht im Rahmen der Weihnachtsaktion das Altenheim
Our colleagues together with the staff of the retirement home. (Source: Namics)

Support of the children's farm in Hamburg

In Hamburg there was a joint excursion to a farm. Get out of the office to get some fresh air. We gave the joy to the children's farm Kirchdorf. The children's farm offers free entry for visitors and is visited by over 20,000 children and adults every year. The children's farm is run on a voluntary basis and receives no public subsidies, so it is dependent on support from donations.

Equipped with brushes and paint, we supported the children's farm Kirchdorf with painting work. We painted the fences and gave the farm new colour. A big difference to our daily office work. We had a lot of fun doing this!

Now the farm is colourful again and brings a smile to the eyes of many children. As a reward we got crunchy sausages with potato salad. Delicious!

Namics Hamburg beim Renovieren des Kinderbauernhofs Hamburg
We give the children's farm in Hamburg a new colour. (Source: Namics)

Computer courses for the elderly in Belgrade

In Belgrade, we have provided free computer courses for senior citizens. Our colleagues participated with great enthusiasm and motivation. In the course we taught our students the basics. We explained to the elderly how the Internet works, how to open a new tab, how to minimize a window and much more. Now they can use the computer for their hobbies, get information and even exchange information in social media.

We had a lot of fun with the campaign. It's a great feeling to teach new things.

Namics Belgrad gibt einen Computerkurs für Senioren
Full commitment to the computer courses in Belgrade. (Source: Namics)

Such joint activities are emotional, personal and supportive. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for their commitment and the joy with which you mastered the activities.