Merkle quarantine diary - week 4

Four weeks go by so quickly. What happened and how's it going? Our recap of the week

Merkle@Home: The diary was handed over from Frankfurt to Munich. This week Laura reports what she experienced during home office

Day 12 - Monday, 06.04.2020

Collage von verschiedenen Räumen in der Wohnung
The apartment now has several meeting rooms.

Another week and it is my turn to keep up diary. Just the week after Marc - you can only lose.

I start the week by creating new working environments for myself (so that every day doesn't feel the same) and set up a second office and a meeting room. Granted, it's the bar in my kitchen. My rental contract said something about "no commercial use"...

My mood today is unfortunately indirectly proportional to the temperatures outside: My coach Thomas tells me that React Europe (my first developer conference I should have been allowed to attend) has been cancelled. Not surprisingly, but I am terribly disappointed, because I was really looking forward to it. At the same moment, my mother writes to me that the money for our vacation planned for May has been deducted. I can probably forget about a holiday in May. Could the start of the week go better? I don't think so.

The lunch break has a similar structure: I watch two episodes of Modern Family. What I wouldn't give right now for a "No onions and spicy, right?" and the accompanying food coma walk back to the office. This is a real Grumpy morning today.

Fortunately, the afternoon is finally all about programming. With a coffee and two chocolate drops in the sun of the small courtyard and then the success of the day: The implementation of a successful, meaningful frontend test in pair programming mode. And today I am again of the opinion that the professional group of physiotherapists can hardly be saved after this whole spook of orders. My dinner consists of homemade bread. Afterwards I sew two breathing masks or as the DIY-Vlogger calls them "BMNS masks". Meanwhile I wash my hands with homemade liquid soap (I hate you, you hamster buyers!).

Day 13 - Tuesday, 07.04.2020

7:40 am: I stand in my tidy kitchen and don't know what to do anymore. All right, then I start working before 8:00. I check the schedule at the bar table in the newly appointed meeting room, then I set up the screen and equipment front. Today is css day, so I need the second laptop. Unfortunately, my desk is not very big. When I moved in here, I converted my beautiful university desk into a TV bench. "I don't need a desk anymore. My studies are over and I'd much rather go to the office to work anyway", I thought to myself. It worked out really well.

Desktop-Front auf dem heimischen Schreibtisch
Desktop front at your home desk.

Kuschelsocken in Sportschuhen
Outfit of the Day: Red cuddly socks in black running shoes.

In the lunch break I go grocery shopping (cool, my cuddly socks fit into the running shoes). In the drugstore I think about buying new make-up. Then I laugh about myself inside and go on. On the way home I walk across the Reichenbach bridge in bright sunshine and look at the people sitting at the Isar river. I urgently need a 4 square meter picnic blanket, then I can sit on the riverbank without anyone coming too close.

Back at the PC, Microsoft Edge sells me that it's new and fast and I can do more with it because of that. "Ha ha no, you're definitely not going to be my default browser," I think to myself. But here you can also "open the page in Internet Explorer". Why would anyone want to do that? I think it's funny. My sense of humor has definitely changed since I've been out of the office. After all, today I'm laughing at bad jokes together with my favourite SAP colleague.

After I can't get into the customer VPN anymore because my old building probably won't let any text messages through the walls for today, I'm going to call it a day. Today would be the perfect evening for a cold drink in the evening sun or even a barbecue on the meadow in front of the office. But then again, the breakfast smoothie isn't gonna make itself.

Day 14 - Wednesday, 08.04.2020

Overnight I received three access codes to the customer VPN. Woo-hoo! But they were only valid for 60 minutes each... Try again - and it works. I watch the build process with a toothbrush in my mouth. Back in the bathroom again, I think of a new approach to solving the behavioral problem of my checkboxes. Hey, my bathroom is a think tank!

Between some meetings I finally manage to solve my checkbox problem and it happens, which often happens to me when something I've been tinkering with for a while works: Reflex-like my arms burst into air. And so I sit there: In front of three screens, with the checkbox checked and both arms in the air. Alone in my apartment. Yep. Woo-hoo. I'll, uh... I'll just get back to work. It sucks to be happy alone.

Just as I'm about to leave work and go for a run, Alex calls me and we fiddle around for another hour. And it's worth it. In the end everything works out and I can start jogging with a good feeling.

I spend the rest of the evening in front of my laptop again: With one or two beers (or wine. Later gin and tonic) in the virtual kitchen with the people who normally sit around me for more than 40 hours a week. How long has it been since we were stuck in the real kitchen? When was the last time we went running in the Olympic Park and replenished the calories we burned with beer? When was the last time we had an 8-person kicker with hats?

The positive thing about quarantine is that I am shown (painfully) every day how much I enjoy working with these people. And that is a privilege.

Day 15 - Thursday, 09.04.2020

Laptop auf dem Stehtisch

Today I'm not starting until 9:00 and in my shirt! Well, but before the together@ I can build and release the stuff from yesterday... The together@ takes place in my meeting room today. Where else, there is a meeting. And then I imagine the other 549 Merkle workers watching this live stream. In their pajamas? Maybe the home beamer throws the picture on the wall? With a cereal bowl in his hand or even still in bed? What would it be like if we had an 8D-sound live stream and you constantly had the feeling that Bernd was walking around you while he was talking?

The rest of the day I'm busy developing (Firefox is collecting more and more plus points with its developer tools) and since today is the second Thursday of the month we have t.lunch. Not like usual, with ordered food and lectures, but with chats and problem solving. Kathi invites me to the Merkle-Remote-Workout alias Quarantine Fit for the next week. Was that a mistake? Shortly before she told me about her sore muscles. We'll see.

I spend the last hours of my working week with Thomas again. We debug together and at the end we pull up our arms in the air together. A nice week-end closing with my coach.

Tonight the cordless screwdriver is waiting for me. I haven't built anything in a long time. And this weekend I have to do my tax return; and the uncleaned bathroom, and the attic. So if anyone still needs ideas for recreational activities, I have a few things on the agenda (more fun ones of course). I used to think I wasn't an office guy and I couldn't spend 40 hours a week there. I'm just wondering when I will be able to go back there again. 

With this in mind: I wish you happy Easter, relaxing holidays, don't bang your heads, I am really looking forward to seeing you again!