The Movember at Namics - Moustaches for a good cause

Many Namicsler left a moustache for the Movember and donated for the good cause

MOvember, a month in which many men grow a moustache. Just out of fashion, for fun or to be part of it? No! MOvember has as its main goal the fight against prostate and testicular cancer as well as the improvement of mental health and suicide prevention of men. All this with the aim of making lasting impact on men's health.

To achieve this goal, men all over the world should grow their moustaches, raise awareness of the problems and raise money that will be used to improve men's health.

Shave Down für den Namics Movember
Source: Namics

A great campaign, we thought! We have to be part of it! No sooner said than done. At the beginning of November, some brave men at Namics decided to meet for the "Final Shave Down" and left a moustache for the rest of the month to support MOvember.

No effort was spared to find and win more supporters. In courageous actions, even wives were contacted without the knowledge of their Namics colleague to not give the chance to lie about the statements "My wife doesn't want this". No excuses were simply accepted. And so the MOvember@Namics team gained more and more supporters within a very short time.

Namicsler während des Movembers
Source: Namics

The "MO's" were nurtured, cared for, trimmed, searched for, found, discussed and admired. This led to lively donations from the entire Namics family and motivated the MO's to do even more. Shortly before N-Day, the Namics' annual corporate event, the MO-Bros launched a call for more supporters. A dress code was defined for the event and all forces were mobilized to find even more supporters. With overwhelming results. Dozens of MO-Sistas agreed to comply with the dress code on N-Day, to wear a stick-on moustache and to support the MOvember. 

And then came N-Day! It was impressive to see how many Namicsler with black trousers, suspenders, shirt, bow tie and above all a magnificent moustache visited the most important event of the year. Whether networking, on stage during the inspiring talks or simply in the corridor in between, the MO-Bros and MO-Sistas were omnipresent. Right up to the closing speech of the management, which was of course also represented with a (stick-on) moustache. But as is well known, a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Therefore we would like to introduce all MO-Bros and MO-Sistas at this point.

MoBros und Mo-Sistas am NDay  2019
Source: Namics

But MOvember is not over yet, our mission is not yet complete and the finish line has not yet been reached. We still want to draw attention to men's health, raise awareness of these issues and of course continue to raise funds. 

If you would like to donate for our team, please click on this link and then press the big blue button.