How consultants learn at Namics

You can find out more about the Namics Digital Consulting Academy and what it looks like here

As a digital consultancy and transformation companion, customers expect us to network and link their challenges into an integrated solution. This places high demands on our consultants. This is a great challenge, especially for young, inexperienced employees. That's why Namics launched the "Digital Consulting Academy" three years ago, where around 40 consultants are now undergoing ongoing training.

What is the Digital Consulting Academy exactly?

The "DCA" is our training program for young consultants. We use it to teach them the full spectrum of digital business and to teach them how to advise and support our clients in the digital transformation environment. Over a period of 18 months, 25 full-day training sessions are held at various locations, delivered by Namics' most experienced employees on topics such as digital commerce, IoT, agile project management, UX, presentation techniques or workshop moderation. Participants go through the program in a fixed, cross-location class, meet each month in a different office and conclude with a final presentation and certificate. DCA thus trains "linking and networking topics" instead of "viewing projects in isolation".

How was the training program developed?

Three years ago, we realized that we will only be able to continue to support our customers in the complex, networked issues of digitization in the future if we manage to train our junior consultants accordingly across the board. Today, in addition to her specialist subject matter, a commerce expert must be able to understand the levers of communication, technology and CRM, to moderate workshops at C-level and much more. This is exactly what we train at the Academy. It also offers young talent orientation for their own path within the company.

Teilnehmer des Namics Consulting Trainings
Source: Namics

And what makes the training so special?

The special feature is that all trainings are developed and held by our employees, who contribute their experience and anecdotes from the projects to the trainings and who challenge and inspire the junior staff with their view. We have done a lot of research on the training market and looked for an equivalent programme, but found nothing. So we set it up ourselves. And although the program is reserved for fixed classes, employees who are not consultants can also participate as guests in individual training units. In this way, we offer other disciplines the opportunity for broad-based further training. Such a tailor-made offer makes us proud and is also a USP of Namics.

What special experiences during the Academy workshops do you remember?

Every workshop, or rather every "training", is special and different because it lives from the dynamics of the class. But the greatest thing about almost every training is to notice in the reactions and looks of the participants how they see the connection between the topics: What does UX have to do with architecture and commerce? How do I develop business requirements with demanding people? How does a CMS work and what does it have to do with market research? We achieve exactly these aha-effects and these are great moments. And, by the way, we achieve a unique team spirit, which leads to much joy in everyday interaction.

The program is constantly growing, a new class starts every three months and we are currently working on expanding the offer even further. I am very much looking forward to what is still to come. And I am looking forward to new graduates...

You want to be part of Namics and the Academy? Here you can find our current vacancies.