It’s a Techie’s World… This is how techies work at Namics

Sandro shows how Techies work at Namics and what makes up their daily work

In this article by Sandro you will learn how Techies work at Namics, what platforms there are for exchange, how we create space for new things and what further training opportunities we offer our experts.

About half of the employees at Namics are Techies. In other words, experts who outline system architectures, design user interfaces and write software code. Some of you may ask yourself why there are so many of them. Well, one possible answer is our technology radar, which we use to manage the various products, services, platforms, methods, libraries and languages at Namics. With this diversity, it is clear that it takes a number of specialists who understand all this and can successfully implement it in customer projects.

Grafik zur Vielfalt des Skillsets der Namics Entwickler
Source: Namics Technology Radar

How does Namics develop in the Tech area?

Our principle: We grow together with customers in the projects. This statement applies to most of Namics' competencies, including the technologies. They spend about 80% of their time on projects in a customer context. This makes it clear that most of the further development happens right there. But for successful implementation, two more ingredients are needed - curiosity and places where new things can be tried out.

Curiosity is a prerequisite for our employees and we have organizational units for the location. We call these units Skill Groups. They actively build up knowledge in the form of training and certification, standardise methods and procedures and develop skills and topics.

Which trainings are available?

When it comes to training, we differentiate because there is not only "the training". It is rather a colourful bouquet of offers.

On the one hand, our developers and architects need a good basic knowledge of the technical platform on which they are working. Specifically, this currently means Java and .Net. Based on these platforms, we then use development frameworks such as Spring or products such as SAP Commerce, Adobe or Sitecore Experience Manager as well as Salesforce, in which training and product certifications are carried out.

On the other hand, there are formats like T-Talk, T-Lunch, T-Beer and T-Dojo, which reflect our diversity:


T-Talk is one of the oldest formats at Namics, where mainly developers exchange information on current topics. The aim is for someone to look at and try out something new in advance, which is then shown or demonstrated to the other participants. This can be frontend topics like React Native or GraphQL or platform topics like GraalVM. The frequency and duration of such T-Talks varies. Usually the event is scheduled once a month for one hour per location (depending on the location).

T-Talk von Namics als Weiterbildungsplattform
Picture: T-Talk in a group


T-Lunch is similar to T-Talk in content, except that here the exchange takes place over lunch. Usually it is rather best practices and experiences from projects that are discussed during lunch.


Here the coding is in the foreground. Whether it is implementing initial examples using a new programming language that is not yet so well known, or imposing certain restrictions on yourself to solve a problem (for example, not using loops). An example from last year would be "Hands on with Kotlin".


T-Beer is the latest format in the series. The idea is that people meet after 17:00 and watch a YouTube video on a predetermined topic together. One example is "Functional programming vs. mutability". Afterwards, the video is lively discussed over a beer.

Platform Summits

However, we are also constantly developing new approaches to the formats mentioned, for example the Platform Summit. The idea: Our platform partners Adobe, SAP, Sitecore and Salesforce are constantly expanding their portfolio. These expansions force us to constantly and comprehensively examine the current offers of our partners. And that across all areas of expertise. Since these platforms often include cloud-based additional services with a slightly less technical focus such as targeting, campaigning or analytics, Namics consultants are always involved.

The goal of this summit is to bring together consulting and technical knowledge, to learn about new features and services and to link them to corresponding business cases.

How do we keep our finger on the pulse?

In addition to the measures described above, we also rely on external conferences (as speakers or participants). Every year, for example, we send employees to the most important tech conferences, sometimes worldwide. There they act as trend scouts, pick up new topics and technologies, evaluate them and bring the knowledge gained back to their respective skill groups and the formats described. In addition, the most exciting trends and most promising technologies flow back into our Technology Radar and are continued there.

Namics Sitecore Engineers an der SUGCON Europe 2018
Source: Namics

Would you also like to take a look into the world of Namics Techies and be always on the pulse of time? Then we would like to invite you to our Namics jobs page. Here you will find all our vacancies. We are looking forward to you and your application.