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Project Management is a general management task and requires different competences. Just as there is no typical project, there is no typical project manager. In this interview, I will go into more detail about how Namics develops its project managers and which competencies are particularly important.

Which trainings for project managers are available at Namics?

Those who start at Namics as Project Managersreceive the basic training Project Management within the first three months. This covers the most important topics along a typical project cycle, both theoretically and above all practically, with many examples and reports on the trainers' experiences. In total there are three pillars of the training:

Projektmanager von Namics im Namics Training
Source: Namics


Along the individual development of each project manager there are further trainings that can be completed. The selection ranges from:

  • Methods Trainings like Scrum
  • about in-depth PM trainings for experienced project managers as well as leadership and workshop trainings
  • up to external, certified trainings, e.g. at the IPMA (International Project Management Association)

Digital Consulting Academy

Often our project managers want to learn more about our digitization business and become part of a class at Namics Digital Consulting Academy.

PM Community

Another important pillar of personal development at Namics is the Project Manager Community, which regularly exchanges views on changing topics in various circles. They discuss experiences and learnings, exciting new methods and tools and how we can do an even better job for our customers.

Looking to the future, which skills are becoming increasingly important in project management?

I am convinced that the elements that have made a very good project manager to date will continue to apply in the future:

  • Organizational skills: Planning, executing, measuring, consolidating, putting your head on straight.
  • Communication: The ability to understand, control and motivate people. This benefits both the project team and the client - in fact, everyone involved in the project.
  • Content understanding: What are the dependencies to the different project contents or phases? What are the key issues of the project that require special attention?

What special experiences during the workshops do you remember?

I have had the opportunity to experience some trainings during my time at Namics, both as a participant and as a trainer. They were all exciting and profitable occasions, even in my role as a trainer. For example, the participants of the Project Management Basic Training are extremely eager to learn and remain fully engaged despite a demanding agenda. It is impressive to observe how stimulating content and exciting discussions create a positive and rousing dynamic in the group. Even in a sweaty training session, this creates #joy and after the two days the participants resume the project work with lasting motivation and inspiration.

Teilnehmer des Namics Projektmanagement Trainings beim Abendessen
Source: Namics

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