Silpion Kicker Cup Hamburg 2020

Namics takes part in the Silpion Kicker Cup in Hamburg again in 2020 and supports the table football event

Teambild Namics

It has become something of a tradition that we participate in the annual "Silpion Kicker Cup" in Hamburg. This was also the case in 2020, when Namics once again appeared as "supporter" of the event. As in 2019, this year we even had two teams - a total of 12 people - at the start. The Hamburg table soccer enthusiasts were supported by no less enthusiastic soccer fans from Munich and St. Gallen (thanks Katharina, Thomas and Amir).

More than 2.500 active players in action.

Kollegen am Tischkicker

Since a world record number of participants was again targeted and also achieved with 2538 active players, a new home had to be found for the event. And so it came about that this time, instead of the beloved "Terminal Tango" at the airport, we headed for the former machine factory and today's cultural centre "Kampnagel". The location was great, because you didn't have to queue outside in the cold anymore to be able to eat at one of the food trucks (they had their own hall now). On the other hand the spectator stands offered enough seats for the sometimes very long time between the matches.

Supporter Namics

After the preliminary round with eight teams in each group, the teams were divided into the four leagues, in which they continued as usual in the knockout system. Our team "Hafenkante" made it into the amateur league, but dropped out early. This left the members a lot of time to cheer for the team "Neuwerk", which unfortunately only made it into the beginners' league. In the end team "Neuwerk", meanwhile mixed with the team "Hafenkante", reached the last sixteen of this league. Only around 3:30 o'clock on Saturday morning was the end for the last of our players.

Gefüllte Halle

For the next time we hope that the waiting times between games will not be so long. This would significantly increase the joy of playing.

The whole team is looking forward to our next participation and the next world record in 2021.