Develop talents and strengthen personalities at Namics

The everyday life of a talent manager

As Talent Manager at Namics, everything revolves around the professional and personal development of employees. To this end, I develop training formats for soft skills and leadership competencies and am heavily involved in cultural development. In this interview, I explain what personnel development at Namics is like.

Namics Talent Management zeichnet Schaubilder fürs Recruiting
Source: Namics

What exactly is my job?

I have been shaping talent management at Namics for around two and a half years. The demands on our employees are very different, both in their interaction with customers and in the team. This requires an intensive examination of their own personality and individual strengths. In order to use these as profitably as possible, I advise employees and managers, moderate exchanges, and develop training and other forms of learning support, although I also like to experiment a little.

What does it mean that I am experimenting with learning formats?

I try to design our learning formats in such a way that they become an experience and achieve as much sustainability as possible. For example, new employees are already confronted with real cases during their induction events and can discuss ethical principles or cultural differences between Germany and Serbia directly with our management or the CEO. In addition to the specialist training and conference visits in the skill groups, we also offer cross-cutting services. In these trainings we incorporate methods from improvisation theatre, design thinking, and the Japanese martial art Jiu Jitsu, which helps to strengthen character and resolve conflicts. We are also happy to conduct these outdoor trainings. In this way the employees succeed in changing their perspective and they can transfer what they have learned to other contexts.

Haven't seminars had their day?

Today, however, more than ever before, traditional seminars are compensated by other forms of learning and the rapid availability of knowledge via the Internet. However, the majority of development does not actually take place in seminars but in daily exchange with colleagues and in the team. Thus, the morning chat over coffee or the stand-up meeting in the team are increasingly important, as the latest developments in the field, news from science or the market are discussed there.

This is why we are constantly working on a profitable feedback culture, with which we train our objectivity, improve our ability to deal with complex problems and, by the way, strengthen our relationships.

I support workshops in the skill groups, i.e. our specialist areas, where creativity, solution finding or problem solving is the main focus. Especially with our busy schedules, it is important to use refreshing and effective methods and not shy away from trying something completely new. Above all, we want to train our perception and awareness, to feel what it is really all about, to act effectively and adequately.

What makes the development at Namics so unique?

Just as dynamically as our organization adapts to the changes out there in the world, so do our trainings adapt to the current challenges. We work with numerous innovation and creativity methods and try to see complexity and uncertainty as a breeding ground for innovation and change. For example, we work with Lean, Agility and Design Thinking as we see these as basic principles for rapid solution development. Furthermore, we are always interested in the latest findings in change management and leadership.

Our employees enjoy a lot of freedom, independence and personal responsibility. In our daily dealings with each other, we therefore attach great importance to communicating at eye level and supporting each other. And, of course, we want to have fun doing so, which is even written down in our values. And to be honest, we are really good at it!

Where do I get my impulses from?

I have a very diverse environment and enjoy being inspired by colleagues and people from other organizations and fields of work around the globe. I also attend meetings on various topics, read a lot and, of course, regularly exchange ideas, wishes and experiences with our employees. In the last three months I have also been able to take an unpaid leave of absence from Namics, which has given me a lot of new inspiration for social enterprise and organizations in other stages of development, which is very inspiring for my work at Namics. In short: It never gets boring at Namics :)

Where is the trend regarding training formats going?

Our world is highly dynamic, complex and incredibly fast. Therefore we need training formats that are independent of time and place, which is why there are now good online and blended learning offers, i.e. learning models that combine computer-supported learning with classical lessons, which are also used. In addition, we can learn a lot from each other if we have the courage to actively collect feedback and use the knowledge gained in our own development.

You not only want to deliver in your job, but also want support from your company. At Namics you get the right training to master challenges with confidence. Become a part of it now and apply.